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Views and Comments

Dear Members

Just as I had thought that Spring was arriving, after seeing sunshine and celandines while we were in Exmouth……..I had to cancel the walk I was leading today because of the rain.

But at least it’s given me some time to write this, and Ted has been asking me for a new report since our committee meeting at the beginning of March.

At the meeting we considered again whether we should give start times for walks. But since this can sometimes mean that we hang around at the start of the walk waiting for the start time, we decided to continue without one, except for our short walks, where members seem to prefer a specific start time.

We also checked out our festival programme which you should have all received by now. Janet and I were pleasantly surprised that we had been offered so many walks. We were able to fill the programme timetable easily. Janet has designed a very attractive programme for the walking festival we’re holding held between Wednesday 16th May and Sunday 20th May. Please ask Walks’ Secretaries for extra programmes if you would like to give one to friends and family members who might like to join us.

I do wonder who will do the most walks during that time? Hope you’re prepared to do several walks then. I’m hoping to do a walk on every day. But I’m not sure which ones just yet, there’re are almost too many to choose from.

Marje has compared our walk leaders check list against the one The Ramblers’ publishes and so we’ve updated that. It gives walk leaders plenty of advice to help them all lead successful walks.

We have attractive tickets for sale for the Lickey Hills Anniversary walk and buffet on June 27th. There will be several walks of different lengths but all leading to The Rose and Crown for a buffet meal. The tickets are £5 but we’ve used some money from the social account to subsidise this, so it should be rather a special buffet meal. The tickets are being sold by Norman and Ted, don’t miss out.

The Spring programme is the start of our extra walks, Saturday long and shorter walks once a month, and our Wednesday Workouts. So lots of walking for us all in the coming three months. SO all we need is good walking weather.

Looking forward to seeing out on a walk