South Birmingham Ramblers
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Views and Comments

Dear Members

Two exciting things to report from our last meeting on 13th September.

The new programme, that will be coming out shortly, is being printed on our own printer and Ted is printing it for us. Many of you have elected not to receive our programme but to use the website to print off your own programme. This will save us a great deal of time in the future as fewer programmes will need to be printed, so fewer envelopes need to be stuffed and posted out. More time for the committee to spend on other important aspects of organising a walking group!

Next year will be our 25th Anniversary and one of the ways some of our members suggested that we might celebrate this, is to organise a Walking Festival. SO……. we’re organising a walking festival! But we can’t manage that without your help


The walking festival will be from Wednesday 16th May to Sunday 20th May. This should give us lots of opportunities to put on a variety of walks, some urban walks and some walks in the countryside. We can put on walks of all sorts of lengths and difficulty. Think about your favourite walk and offer to lead it during this time. The Walks’ Secretaries will be happy to accept your offers. We will hope to attract local people as well as Ramblers from other groups.

We will need to advertise this festival and we will be asking you to help with that so that programmes of walks can be displayed in a variety of places. So please do offer to lend your support to this exciting event so that we can show as many people as possible what an amazing group South Birmingham Ramblers has become, now we’re 25 years old.

In the meantime do enjoy your walks.