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Views and Comments

Dear Members.

Do hope you’ve enjoyed our summer, even if it’s been almost too hot for walking on some occasions.

Rob’s task force has been going well. It’s good to hear that so many of you are keen to deal with footpaths and stiles that need improving, and Worcester has lots of them! Rob was also invited to attend a meeting in London at The Ramblers to discuss how new technology might be used in supporting groups and improving ways of devising, recording and sharing walks.

Marje has been involved in looking at the ways The Ramblers holds our data and how the membership secretary’s job can be improved. In order for you to continue to receive our emails, The Ramblers (and we are a group that is part of The Ramblers Association) need to have your email address. If you need to update your details with The Ramblers Marje has been given permission to do this for you until 31st December 2018. Marje. Janet and I checked on the numbers of our members who have registered their email address with The Ramblers and it’s a very small number indeed, so please do make use of this and do contact Marje to make sure you’re email address has been given to The Ramblers.

At this time of year Brian has to deal with our accounts and ensure that we have enough money to last us until next year. This involves on line form filling and reading the rules and regulations that surround the treasurer’s job, something that, luckily, he can do well.

Peter has now become a trustee of The Ramblers for the next three years. So do ask him about the organisation of The Ramblers of which we are a very small part.

Janet sends out your emails and answers your questions every day of every week.

The committee works hard to ensure our group runs smoothly. Some of it is easy to see on the surface in our regular weekly walks and social events but there’s a great deal more that goes on behind the scenes to keep us going.

I’m looking forward to seeing the changing of the countryside this Autumn, even if it means that the colder weather will be upon us soon. Damsons, blackberries, hawthorns and rose hips, and the gradual change in the colour of the leaves make Autumn such a wonderful time to walk.

So continue to enjoy our times together