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Views and Comments

Dear Members,

At our December committee meeting we considered the questions that had come up at the AGM.

Concern was expressed there, that fewer members were car sharing because the Kings Norton Car Park is becoming more crowded with commuters. Several members have suggested that we should consider the Pavilions Car Park at Rowheath. In order to use that we need the permission of the Pavilions, who own the car park. We have been in touch and made a request to use it, and are waiting for their reply. We will also ask members which car park they prefer. Members who need to car share will be asked as well, to ensure that the best positioned car park is the one we finally choose.

No decision will be made until the Spring programme which comes out in April. This gives us time to make sure that everyone who wants to give their opinion has the opportunity to do so.

There will be at least three changes to the committee next November. Janet, our secretary is leaving, as is John Tourt, the short walks secretary. I will have completed three years as the chair and so I think it will be time to step down then. We decided to ask members to make offers to take up these positions early in the New Year and invite them to attend our committee meetings every quarter so that we can hand over the committee to members who feel that they have some experience in these committee positions.

But let’s think about jollier things! We have the Mince Pie Walk coming up, our way of celebrating Christmas! And then in January we have the New Year Lunch at the Tally Ho, an excellent start to the New Year.

We have coach trips and quizzes and a seaside weekend away planned for 2019. We’re still intending to enjoy ourselves even though we’re 26 now!

So Happy Christmas and a good New Year from me and the committee,